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Readers Respond is a space for readers to talk about what they’ve been reading. We’re hoping this is a space for dialogues on new books, old books, and lesser-known books of interest to readers in and around the Lutheran community.

Registering for the Forum

To join the forum, follow the "Access the discussion forum" links on this page. If you are not already a member of Google Groups, you should be directed to instructions on joining (it's very easy).  Be sure to keep track of your username and password, so that you have them the next time you'd like to log in.

Using the Forum

The forum includes discussion topics for each book club selection, as well as other topics.

  • Discuss the Book Selections: An area for users to discuss the Reader's Project's official book selections. Feel free to join the discussion on any current topics in the forum. If you have new insights or opinions that don't seem to fit any of the current topics very well, feel free to create a new topic.
  • Suggest New Books: An area for users to suggest books for possible future selections. Feel free to suggest any book that is written by a Lutheran author, that addresses Lutheran issues, or that otherwise might be of interest to Lutheran readers. Please describe why you believe the book may be of interest to other participants, and feel free to respond to earlier suggestions if you are familiar with any books that others have suggested.

The following guidelines cover some of the most common forum activities:

  • To read the current discussion in a particular topic, click on the topic's title.
  • To add a response to the current discussion on a topic, first open the topic, and then click the "Reply" tab.
  • To create a new discussion topic, click the "New Post" tab at the right edge of the screen.

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